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It is hard to escape the fact that alcohol consumption in the UK is causing concern.  It seems to dominate the media, both electronic and printed.  A report by the World Health Organisation provided the stark statistic that worldwide 3.3million people die each year from alcohol.  To put this in context, that is more than the population of Wales!

Nearer home in the UK we are witnessing the effects of binge drinking, rising numbers of hospital admissions for alcohol related issues, rapidly increasing incidence of liver disease and increased alcohol-related deaths.


How does that affect employers?

Obviously employers are not immune from these issues as they draw their workforce from this population.  But there is Bad news, good news and even better news for employers.

The Bad News

The most recent Government statistics show that alcohol costs employers £7.3bn per annum with 16 million days lost through absenteeism and even more through presenteeism.

The Good News

Research and case studies have consistently shown that by taking a few straightforward steps employers can make real savings.
Steps like:

  • Introducing or updating an alcohol and drug policy
  • Training managers on alcohol and drug issues
  • Providing education/training to the workforce.

The Better News

It has been shown that for each £1 spent on alcohol prevention in the workplace employers can save at least £3 – a ROI of 300%

The second piece of Better News is that by helping your profits, there is a wider effect to your efforts as you will be helping the community.

The third piece of Better News is that we can help you do this. We can help you to become Alcohol Smart Employers to save money and save lives

So it is a win, win, win situation.

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Download the Alcohol Smart Employer App and keep up to date with the developments at ASE.  Over the next year we will be publishing new resources aimed at helping you to save money by managing your workforce’s drinking.  The App is free so it won’t cost you anything – but it may save you a lot!